Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pretending to be a Preschooler…

An open Letter to the Department of Education (DepEd)

A student went to college, took-up Education course from their local university pouring-out hard-work for four (4) long and painstaking years. Gearing up everyday, preparing for exam, undergoing field study, leaving the cruelty and sarcasm of their respective Teaching Coop and finally passing LET!

Now the second chapter of their ordeal, they applied in their respective local schools, went on with the interview, their demo, and the EPT, months passed still no confirmation nor call from their mother district, feeling of hopelessness they accepted the offer of their respective district school to take up the cudgel of teaching preschool pupils while waiting for their call (if there’s any).

Now in front of their preschool pupils, they teach and practice whatever they learned from college; day in and day out, they spend a fortune (for them) for the teaching materials they will be needing just to satisfy their peers, their principal, and district supervisors not to mention numerous division supervisors! They with that minimal salary (if you may call it) must also shell out payments (Php 450.00) for their useless and ready-to-TEAR substandard school uniforms! They with that “salary” are also obliged to cover any difference they may be from any so called PTA sanctioned fees that their class failed to remit for reasons we already know.

Now tell me, is their any justice delaying the salaries of these so called “heroes”? They are called many names from pillars of our society, to our second parents, and our mentors! But delaying their salaries does not give them the dignities they earned their lifetime!

To others this maybe a laughing matters, but not to those affected by the inefficiency of our good Department of Education! They do not care what bureaucratic problem you may have, they certainly do not want that to add to our ever growing insurmountable problems! They only ask that you dignify your people, your workforce, and your teacher by giving them what is due to them.

We are preschoolers no more, and this is not a game. This is their life you’re playing with, please be brave enough to face them.

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